1. Definition of Philosophy, Philosophy of Education and Philosophy of Islamic Education.
2. Scope of Islamic Education Philosophy
3. Method of Study of Islamic Education Philosophy
4. The Nature of Human Beings as Pedagogical According to Islam
5. Primary Sources of Islamic Education
6. The Purpose and Function of the Nature of Islamic Education
7. Sects of Western Philosophy of Education
8. Sects Philosophy of Islamic Education.
9. Characters of Western and Islamic Education Philosophy
10. Human Nature in the West and Islamic Perspectives

Ad. 1. Philosophy: the rational or logical thinking and radical, to obtain the truth.
Think deeply about everything.
Philosophy as mother of sciences.

Ad. 2. Education: conscious effort to prepare students through mentoring, teaching, and / or training for their role in the future;
(Law No.2/1989 on the NES RI Chapter I Art. I Paragraph I)
Guidance or leadership consciously by teacher to develop of students physically and spiritually towards the establishment of a major.

Ad. 3. Philosophy of Islamic Education: Think Deeply (radical) based on the source of revelation (al-Qur’an and al-Hadith) about education.

Ad. 4. Scope of Islamic Education Philosophy:

1. Macro: Object of philosophy studies: God, nature and man.
2. Micro: Educational Components 5; purpose of education, educators, learners, and educational tools (curricula, methods and educational assessment), and environmental education.

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